Men vs. women when it comes to biopharma trust

Both genders think that pharma companies put investors ahead of patients but the gap is larger for women:


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Women are somewhat more likely to trust groups that are considered “real people” such as friends and family or even other patients where men tend toward technical experts and those with professional skills.

Likewise, when it comes to the pricing debate, men tend to side more with the pharma companies than women do:


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Not everything is different between the genders. Three things they agree on are actions that biopharma can take to improve its reputation:

  • Provide Financial Assistance to Patients in Financial Need
  • Talk Directly with Patients or Caregivers to Better Understand Their Needs
  • Provide Patients or Caregivers with More Education and Support

Since the mother in a family is often the health gatekeeper it is important to look at these gender differences in industry trust and work to find opinion leaders who will resonate with your audience.

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