Healthcare leading the pack in mobile adoption

  • 82% have fully implemented their mobile strategy
  • 78% are receiving positive ROI from their investments
  • Apps will grow from 9 to 14 for these organizations
  • Apps are targeted at:
    • 59% HCPs
    • 55% patients / insurance members
    • 44% technicians
  • 97% have security concerns surrounding apps
  • 53% use an on-premise deployment solution (rather than using app stores)

From the above it is obvious that the respondents were health providers and insurers rather than pharma companies. These groups have a lot to gain from well-designed productivity apps and seem to be exploiting that opportunity.

Pharma brands still need to be careful to ensure they have a compelling reason for patients and HCPs to engage with an app before following providers down this road.

Source: RedHat

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