Best of Our Blogs: September 30, 2016

Microphone Illustration, Let Your Voice Be Heard, Share Your OpiIf you are a truth teller you may experience two extremes. There will be people who can’t stand to be near you and others who are drawn to you.

It can be an isolating path when you speak honestly. But when you do it in company of those who are comfortable sharing theirs, it’s like coming home.

All of us are looking to be heard, and validated for who we are. But many of us are too afraid of rejection to remove our protective shells. It’s much easier to hide behind false perfection or superficial niceties.

But when we share what we really think and how we really feel, we open the light in. This light invites others to share their own truth. That’s how we blossom. That’s how we begin to change the world.

The next time someone asks how you feel. Be like our bloggers this week. Take a risk in your relationships. Be honest with them and yourself.

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