Best of Our Blogs: May 5, 2017

I’ve finally done it! My inbox has reached full capacity. Sorting through ten years of emails has been eye-opening. Deciding which newsletters to unsubscribe from and which emails need to go, gave me a fresh perspective on how I approach my own life.

How many of us feel maxed out, pushed past our limits, staying up an extra hour to get it all done and feeling depleted the next morning?

I vowed that if I were to give attention to what’s unnecessary in my email, I would give the same care to what’s not needed in my life.

All those emails I would never read apply to the books on my shelf and nightstand that I won’t ever pick up. The messages I keep just in case are like the relationships and opportunities I hold onto that I need to let go of.

Relinquishing all the extra stuff leaves room and time for the essentials. Similarly this week, I’ve gathered the vital information you need to understand others and yourself, and become a better listener and person in the process.

Nine Truths Narcissists Will Never Tell You
(Narcissism Decoded) – Want to understand the narcissist in your life better? Read this.

Are You Always Afraid of Being Left or Rejected?
(Knotted) – If your constant need of being reassured is turning people off, this can help.

Father-Daughter Emotional Incest
(The Recovery Expert) – It’s a type of incest that is overlooked because it is difficult to recognize. If you’ve suffered from the damages of emotional incest, here is what you need to do.

Eating Disorder Signs, Support & Recovery: Q&A with Madeleine Wilson
(Weightless) – On your journey toward recovery, it helps to read the words from someone who’s been there, which is why this post is so powerful.

Tips for being a Better Listener
(Anger Management) – There’s one thing you can do to be there for someone else and deepen your connection-listening! But listening is a skill. Here’s how we can all do it better.