65% of global HCP marketers expect to use social in 2018

In the findings we were surprised to see that 65% of marketers were planning on using social media for the professional audience in 2018 (47% were using the channel in 2016):


Image scaled from PharmaFuture report

This was a global report but the EU and China regions were lower than 65% so APAC and US must have been pulling the number up.

When asked what they thought the highest ROI-generating channels were, marketers said:

  • 2016: Brand promotional emails (68% of respondents)
  • 2018: KOL webinars (65% of respondents)

When asked about the challenges with setting up digital programs, marketers responded:

  • 71% Demonstrate ROI
  • 60% Response rates
  • 58% Setup costs
  • 57% System integration
  • 54% Change management

Grab the report and see more information such as digital budgets breakdown and more.

Source: PharmaFocus.org

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